Screenshots of a forum topic/thread

These are screenshots of a topic/thread on the new site, as well as various features and elements.

Screenshot of sidebar widgets

This is a screenshot of the sidebar widgets I've been working on.



This section includes screenshots of aspects of the new site. Most (or all) of them are screenshots taken from the browser of the functional design/features on the site and are not design comps unless noted.

General discussion / IRC info

Post any general comments / discussion here.
Also for Neverside IRC, join EFNet, channel #neverside

Screenshot of the new forum

This is a screenshot of the new forum. As mentioned in the Updates discussion, I am open to a "light" level of feedback, but will hold off on any major changes until after the site is complete.

Neverside forum screenshot
(The image is very large, so you may need to click/zoom to see it at full size without the browser scaling it down)

Information Architecture for the forum


  • New empty forums are marked *
  • New forums created to merge multiple forums are marked @
  • All forums are renamed, see Reorganizing document for original names


  • Water Cooler
  • * Introduce Yourself
  • * Suggestions and Feedback

Art & Graphic Design

Reorganizing forums - aggressive archive


  • There are 33 Original Forum categories, all 33 are accounted for here.
  • At least initially, there will be no sub-forums (both because they are not currently needed, and also due to the performance overhead they currently cause).

Public Info for Neverside Development

The following sub-pages are public info/discussion regarding the migration of from its custom CMS/forum to Drupal.