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The Drupal related articles/lessons on this site, as well as any new lessons, are being relocated to the "Drupal" category of my other site, Absolute Cross, which is a learning resource for web designers and developers. View the Drupal lessons on Absolute Cross.

Drupal gallery using CCK and Views

This lesson explains how to set up a full photo and video gallery solution in Drupal using CCK and Views. Step by step instructions as well as Views/CCK imports, template files, and CSS are provided.

Generate unique CSS classes for the body tag of every page

This info is from my post at http://drupal.org/node/360484#comment-1206770
I've moved it here to work on cleaning it up and preparing it to be added to the Drupal handbook.

Public Info for Neverside Development

The following sub-pages are public info/discussion regarding the migration of neverside.com from its custom CMS/forum to Drupal.

Drupal case study on how this site was created

This site is not very complex, but I thought some people might find it helpful if I shared a few tips and tricks about how a few key features of it were created. Please also see the sub-pages listed at the bottom of this page, for exported copies of my Media CCK type, and the View for my Music page.

SQL queries to import from a custom CMS into Drupal

The attached text file contains the custom SQL queries I wrote in order to convert and import the database of a custom-written CMS into Drupal. The original site is quite large, with approximately 20,000 users, 100,000 nodes, and 800,000 comments. All nodes are Forum nodes.

Review of "Drupal Essential Training" video course

This page will soon contain a review of the "Drupal Essential Training" video course from Lynda.com. The initial page will include the review portion, synopsis, recommendations, etc.

Documentation case studies

The following pages are my attempt at "pretending" to be a Drupal newbie, and seeking out answers to common questions on Drupal.org. The tests will obviously be a bit biased, since I am "not" a Drupal newbie. But I'm pretty good at putting myself into the shoes of a beginner and envisioning what they will encounter and how they might react.

Roundup of image modules for Drupal

The following is extracted from my post on Drupal.org. I've brought it here to begin working on in to make it a more up-to-date Docs page for the current ways to use images in Drupal.

Creating a CCK and Views powered Drupal site

The goal of this guide is to take you step by step through the full process of using Drupal's CCK and Views modules (as well as a number of other supporting modules) to create customized content types (e.g. news posts, articles, etc), as well as "listing" pages and blocks to display teasers of your content, and then theming everything to look exactly as you intend.

Drupal home page creation techniques

This is a guide based on a post in the Drupal support forum. The current version of this guide is a work-in-progress, and will be tweaked and improved with any advice and tips provided in the comments, and will also have some screenshots added to help guide you through the process.