Drupal Articles » Creating a CCK and Views powered Drupal site » Using Views module to create a "listing" of Articles

By David - Posted on 11 August 2008

In this second section of the guide, you will be introduced to the powerful Views module.

You will create an Articles View, which will be used to show a full page listing of all the Article content you've created (the /articles page referred to in the preceding section), as well as a smaller listing of the latest Articles in the form of a Block, which you can include in the sidebar of your site, on your home page, or anywhere else you can imagine.

After completing this section of the guide you will have gained experience working with the Views 2 module for Drupal 6, and will be able to apply the knowledge you gain towards creating custom Views for a nearly unlimited number of purposes on your site. Once you have learned to use both CCK and Views, your outlook on developing websites will never be the same.