By David - Posted on 06 August 2008

The Block: Articles Display you just created has now become automatically available to the rest of Drupal as a "Block" at Administer > Site building > Blocks (admin/build/block).

  1. Go to the Blocks administration page and locate articles in the list of "Disabled" blocks (until you enable them, Blocks are disabled by default).
  2. Click on the Region drop down menu to the right of articles, and choose one of your theme's available Regions (for instance, Right sidebar). The articles block will immediately move out of the Disabled category and up into the Right sidebar category higher up on the page. You can adjust its position relative to the other blocks in that Region using the move icon at the far left.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the "Save blocks" button. The new Views-generated Block should now appear in the Region you selected.

More info to add...
- You are not limited to only the blocks that are pre-defined for your theme.
- Short mention of the possibility of adding blocks to your front page (and link to article on making front pages).

Hey David!!! your tutorial is really really great!!!! I am Drupal newbie. Now i finish Creating a CCK and Views powered Drupal site. I gonna continue my way then.

Really thanks for ur tutorials!!!

Thank you David. Your tutorial unlocks the power of Drupal. It is superb!

Firstly, thank you for a fantastic, clearly-written article.

I'm following your tutorial running Drupal 6.14 on MAMP, using the Garland theme and haven't been able to get the "More link" to appear beneath teasers within my "Block: Articles" View once it's enabled within a Region.

Troubleshooting measures taken:
- I've deactivated the "Override" for the "Block: Articles" View and instead enabled the "More link" for the Default "Articles" View (since in theory this should cascade to the Block View)
- Disabled and re-enabled "Block: Articles" at admin/build/block and tried positioning in various Regions to no avail
- Input custom text in the "More link text" field

Unfortunately since I'm running the install locally I have no URL to point you to for review.
Is there anything else you might suggest I try or something I might provide to aid with a diagnosis?

Many thanks.