By David - Posted on 21 January 2009

This is a screenshot of the new forum. As mentioned in the Updates discussion, I am open to a "light" level of feedback, but will hold off on any major changes until after the site is complete.

Neverside forum screenshot
(The image is very large, so you may need to click/zoom to see it at full size without the browser scaling it down)

This example is at max-width for higher resolution screens. The design also scales down to a min-width of 970px for lower resolution displays. There will be no 800x600 support. I couldn't quite fit the last bit of the page into the screenshot... it's just the end of the links container, followed by the copyright and text links of the primary pages of the site. Everything you see (other than the New Members block at the bottom which I haven't got to yet) is real/functioning dynamic data produced by the system.

The forum categories on the right will of course extend further down when they are all added. To the left under the Featured/Latest topics, there may be a block of ads, possibly followed by something along the lines of a grid of avatars/names of the most active members on the site (haven't decided about this yet, and may wait on it until a future update).

Back to work :)

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This general layout of where your elements are placed is good in this screenshot, besides the lack of stuff on the right side of the footer. However, I think you could use some more design in the layout. The colors are kind of bland; check your contrast when you choose your colors. I see problems in the footer headers and navigation. I don't know what you say besides make the layout more exciting visually. Using a grid system helps too, but it looks as if most of your elements are in a good place anyways.

I can only agree on the lack of design, but the layout itself is looking very much like a website I can't wait to be released. I've been waiting for this community to come back for a longgg time; deviantart just doesn't do it for me.