My name is David Newkerk, and I'm an aspiring film composer located in the Orange/LA area of California. Music has been my passion since my earliest memories, when I began writing music at the piano when I was about 5 years old. I've studied and enjoyed making music from that point on, learning every style of music and music technology I could get my hands on, singing in various choral groups at the Orange County Performing Arts Center as well as Carnegie Hall in New York, playing in bands, and most recently graduating from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, where I was honored to receive the award for student of the year.

The first time I set music to picture, finding how best to serve the story and communicate the underlying meanings and emotions occurring on the screen, I was hooked. I'm currently exploring the creation of dark and foreboding soundscapes, as well as learning to write for orchestra, and working towards mastering the various skills, software, and tools required for film scoring.

I'm available to work on independent films, student film projects, TV commercials, and other music productions. Feel free to listen to samples of my music, and contact me if you'd like to consider me for your next film/media production.